Where to Buy NWT Art Online

NWT Arts is committed to connecting you with your next favourite piece of artwork. All of the retailers and artists listed in this directory are registered with the NWT Arts Program, and have a e-commerce website or social media store, which means your online purchase is guaranteed to be an authentic piece of NWT artwork. 


Dene Beadz
Dene Furs Clouds Ltd. Old Town Glassworks 
Erasmus Apparel  Tłı̨chǫ Online Store
Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas Yellowknife Book Cellar 
Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Craft Store Yellowknives Dene Artisan Shop
Just Furs Gallery on 47th


Amaamaga (Ruth Modeste) Laurie Sarkadi (Laurie Sarkadi)
Amber Henry Writes (Amber Henry) Lowbush Artworks (Franziska Ulbricht)
Bambi's Traditional Arts (Bambi Amos) Michelle MacDonald Media (Michelle MacDonald)
Boreale Felting (Hélèna Katz) Natalie Makletzoff Art Studio (Natalie Makletzoff)
Christina Rae Carrigan (Christina Rae Carrigan) Northern Beaded Creations (Jessi Johnson)
Dancing Raven Studio (Shawna Lampi-Legaree) Onte Sews (Catherine Blondin)
Darrell Chocolate (Darrell Chocolate) Robbie Craig (Robbie Craig)
Drifted.Art (Carey Bray) Robyn Scott (Robyn Scott)
Eh Five Tree Five (Eh Five Tree Five) Rudimentary by Cheryl (Cheryl Thomas)
From the Land Creations (Shawna McLeod) Beth Harden Ceramics (Beth Harden)
Gwich'in Luxury (Cynthia Pavlovich) She was a Free Spirit (Erica Donovan)
Haylani Apparel (Charlene Chapple) Shiny Raven Club (Hailey Urilyon)
Heartwork by Babs (Barb Cote) Cheryl Fennell (Cheryl Fennell)
Inuk360 (Inuk) Snowglobe Jewelry (Dalhai Vela)
Jammed Studio (Jessica McVicker)

Studio Silver Bliss (Delia Cepoi)

John Sabourin (John Sabourin) Taalrumiq | Christina King (Taalrumiq | Christina King)
Just Ravens (Annemieke Mulders) Tania Larsson (Tania Larsson)

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