NWT Arts Program

​The NWT Arts Program is a marketing initiative that promotes all artists of the Northwest Territories (NWT), including traditional arts and fine crafts, contemporary arts and fine crafts, performing arts, literary arts, and film and media arts. Administered by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, Government of the Northwest Territories, the Program helps connect customers with registered artists and retailers that carry authentic northern artwork.

In stores and galleries, the NWT Arts logo identifies authentic NWT arts and fine crafts created by a registered artist of the NWT Arts Program. When shopping for an authentic piece of artwork, be sure to look for the NWT Arts logo. This mark of authenticity ensure the piece was handmade by a registered artist of the NWT Arts Program and helps support this sustainable, local industry. 

Whether you are looking for a traditional fine craft made of raw materials from the land, a contemporary work of art that captures the northern spirit of the artist, or a song, film or book inspired by life in the North, each piece of art made in the NWT has a story to share with you.

Join the NWT Arts Program

If you are a NWT artist of any genre or an organization that is involved with the NWT arts industry, you should register for the NWT Arts Program. Participation is free and there are many benefits that come with the Program.