The NWT is diverse in nature – and so are the artists that live here. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the land and rich culture and tradition of its people, artists of all kinds are inspired to create and share the story of their art.

The NWT Arts Program supports and promotes all art in the NWT, including: 

  • Contemporary Arts and Fine Crafts: Visual art that incorporates modern or current values into its creation.
  • Film and Media Arts: Includes the creation of a motion product, computer and digital technologies, video art forms, audio-visual installations and performances, and the art of photography (digital and film).
  • Literary Arts: Involves the creation of original or creative writing, which can include lyrics, manuscripts, musical scores, poetry, scripts and screenplays.
  • Performing Arts: Includes music dance, theatre, spoken word and storytelling.
  • Traditional Arts and Fine Crafts: Visual art that incorporates traditional knowledge and values into its creation.