Each Piece of Contemporary Art Tells a Story

The Northwest Territories (NWT) is diverse by nature. Our multi-cultural population fosters the creative collaboration amongst artists of all genres, adding an endless array of styles to the artistic mix. Fine artists from all over the world have come to this unique part of Canada to make their home and create their art. The result is a unique display of contemporary artwork that reflects what is happening in our modern society in the NWT.

Diverse by Nature

By definition, art works available for sale in the NWT are all contemporary.  They are made in our lifetime, and reflect what is happening in our contemporary society. The NWT is unique in that much of its contemporary art is inspired by its rich Aboriginal history using traditional patterns, styles and techniques, while a culturally diverse population brings other genres and styles in the artistic mix.  

Modern materials were introduced around the mid-1800s when fur traders brought manufactured goods to their trading posts. Brightly coloured European fabrics, threads and glass beads were eagerly adopted by local women to decorate their tanned hide clothing and accessories. Beads were much easier to use than raw materials from the land and wearing them quickly became a reflection of social standing and wealth.​

Diversity allows artists in the NWT to experiment with both new and old materials and techniques. The result can be seen in a variety of truly unique, one-of-a-kind works that are being created by artists across the territory.

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