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Where to Buy NWT Art

Whether you are planning to visit one of the NWT’s 33 communities or are looking to shop online, this directory will help you find that perfect northern piece of art. All of the organizations within this directory are registered with the NWT Arts Program, and promote handmade arts and fine crafts from registered NWT artists.

The directory lists two types of organizations – retailers with artwork on-hand to sell; and information centres who will arrange for local artists to come and show visitors their artwork.  Smaller communities in the NWT may not have retail stores, however, arts and fine craft sales are an important income for many residents and help to preserve and share their culture.

Choose a region of interest by clicking on the map to get started. Alternatively, you can start your search and then narrow down your options by the genre of art and the region or community of interest. You may also leave all options blank and search for all registered arts organizations in the NWT.