Where to Buy Art

NWT Arts is committed to connecting you with your next favourite piece of artwork. All of the artists, retailers, organizations listed in this directory are registered with the NWT Arts Program, which means your purchase is guaranteed to be an authentic piece of NWT artwork.

Shop In-Person

If you are planning to visit the NWT and looking where to buy art while you are there, consult our directory of retailers and organizations that sell artwork in NWT communities. We have at least one listed for each of our 33 communities and you can choose your community of choice to narrow your search. The directory lists retailers that sell NWT art and fine craft, and also organizations and information centres that can arrange for local artists to come and show visitors their artwork if there isn't a retail store in that community.

Shop Online

If you can't shop in-person, online is the next best thing! Consult our directory of retailers and artists that sell artwork through an e-commerce website or social media store. NWT artists create beautiful, handmade arts and fine crafts that will bring a piece of the North into your life.

Yellowknife Art Walk Map

NWT Arts, together with the City of Yellowknife, have created an Art Walk Map for over 100 pieces of public art on display around Yellowknife. Take yourself on an art walk tour and learn more about the artwork that beautifies the capital city! You can view it online on the City of Yellowknife website, or download a PDF copy of the printed brochure. Printed brochures are available at the Yellowknife Visitor Information Centre and Art Retail Stores around Yellowknife.