NWT Arts Display at Sungiven Foods

Thank you for viewing the NWT Arts Display at Sungiven Foods in Burnaby, British Columbia. We appreciate your interest in learning more about artists of the Northwest Territories and the inspirational story of their artwork.  

Be sure to enter the contest to win one of two trips to the Northwest Territories! The contest will take place from Dec 1, 2022 to Feb 15, 2023. For more information on how to enter, visit the Sungiven Foods website.

Art of the Northwest Territories

Canada's Northwest Territories (NWT) is composed of 33 communities spread over more than one million square kilometres. It is home to five regions including the Dehcho Region, South Slave Region, North Slave Region, Sahtu Region, and the Beaufort Delta Region. There are 11 official languages and three distinct Aboriginal groups across the territory: Dene, Inuit and Métis. 

The rich heritage and traditions of the territory’s First Nations peoples have always been an integral part of their cultures. With little else than what could be found in nature, these groups were able to survive and flourish in the harsh Arctic landscape. This spirit can still be seen today in residents who still live a traditional way of life including hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering from the land. Read more.

Celine Edda | Birchbark Basket with Porcupine Quillwork

I have been making baskets for a long time. My husband cuts the trees down and then I peel the bark from them. Then we use the logs for firewood. It is really important for us to use everything from the tree. Read More

Shirley Bernarde | Embroidered Mitts with Rabbit Trim

My mother taught me how to bead. I have been traditionally sewing for more than twenty years and am very passionate about preserving traditional arts and crafts. Read More.

Rosalind Mercredi | Aurora Stained Glass

I use bone, antler, beach glass and other natural elements in all my glass work – fusing the real and the conceptual, the natural and the created. Read more.