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We regret to advise readers that Bill has passed away. His profile remains in his memory. 


Art has always been a part of my life. My mother was a doll artist and my sister a fine artist so the influences I had at home were always from people familiar with art.

Since moving to Yellowknife in 1990, I have further refined my skills and the variety of art I create. I enjoy watercolors, portraits and political cartoons. I also express myself musically by playing the flute, Irish whistle, harmonica and guitar. I love architecture and capturing the unique lines of structures in my art. I am most proud of the watercolour I painted of the legislative building before it was completed – the Queen received a copy of it.

My involvement in community organizations is a big inspiration for my art. I work with the John Howard Society and the Citizens Advisory Committees to the Correctional Service, and find this involvement the real driving force behind my art. There are so many ways for artists to connect with the community here – through commissioned pieces or being a part of a local gallery – making the North a unique and special place to live.


Artist Bio: 

I have a degree in architecture from Edinburgh, Scotland and have taught for six years at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, in book illustration, watercolours, portraits, cartooning, outdoor sketching and the Business of Art. I taught for eight years with the Parks & Recreation Department, City of Winnipeg, and demonstrated watercolour painting and cartooning at public events on behalf of the City. I have taught in many Winnipeg schools, special courses in art for kids, and by invitation for art clubs in the City and elsewhere. In Yellowknife I have taught a series of courses in art, writing, solar building design, etc, over the past ten years. I have also tutored young people in art, math and English.

Last Updated: May 29, 2023

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