Violet Fodor

North Slave
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I mainly paint landscape with acrylic on canvas and have recently begun to paint with oils. Post-impressionist artists are my primary influence and my art shows a lot of strong brushwork, saturated colors and rhythm. 

I base most of my paintings from photographs taken while hiking or traveling. I love living in the North and being inspired by the artistic interpretations of the land around us. 

The land feels so old, weathered, and ancient here and I can see how the forces of nature – like the wind and sun – carved and shaped everything in its path. I like to think that if art work tells a story, it's the energy of the land speaking to me. I'm often surprised by the end result because painting can be such an unpredictable medium. 

I have always been interested in the arts. I have drawn and painted since I was a child, and continued all the way through high school. I also went to the Ontario College of Art and Design for a few years where I studied painting, printmaking and photography. I’ve always created for my own enjoyment. Making art makes me feel peaceful and completely absorbed in the moment; it feels like this is my true calling. 

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Violet has lived in Yellowknife since 2017, looking for a change and a new career. Her work is available at Down to Earth Gallery in Yellowknife. 

Last Updated: February 28, 2022

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