Tiffany Ayalik

North Slave

Artist Story

My connection to northern culture and storytelling has enabled me to create a woven texture of my unique voice. As an Aboriginal person who was born and raised in the North, I feel storytelling is something we can all start from creatively, no matter the discipline.  

After high school I attended Red Deer College for acting and the University of Alberta for a Bachelor in Fine Arts but I loved coming home and re-rooting myself in northern stories. Growing up I was always involved in theatre, dance and performing arts in Yellowknife. Over the years I have been fortunate to collaborate with some amazing artists as I continue to shape and evolve my own practice with every new project.

Northern artists have such a unique pallet to work on and work from. I think when we blend our different disciplines and come together, incredible things happen. Here, there is such a connection to our natural world that through osmosis it seeps into the creative process.

In recent years, there is more of an audience for the North. I want to live in Yellowknife and continue to work as an artist – I must find a way to harness this attention in order to have the best of both worlds. That is an exciting challenge.

Artist Bio: 

Tiffany Ayalik was born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and is of Inuit ancestry. It was in the North, listening to stories from her elders that she discovered her love of storytelling, and the powerful change that hearing a story can bring about. After receiving her Diploma in Acting from Red Deer Collage, she continued her studies at the University of Alberta, and graduated 'With Distinction' from the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. Tiffany’s other credits include Zhaboonigan in The Rez Sisters (The Belfry Theatre), Piuyuq in Night (Human Cargo), Sedna in The Legend of Sedna (Table D'Hote Theatre), Elrond in The Hobbit (Manitoba Theatre for Young People), singing and storytelling as a cultural representative for the Northwest Territories at the 2010 Olympics (BDK Services), Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet (BFA Corner Stage), Clara in Hay Fever (RDC Arts Centre), Queen Gertrude in Hamlet (RDC Arts Centre), Reporter in Aklavik Journals (Stuck in a Snowbank Theatre). Tiffany continues to weave her northern heritage with her southern education as she continues to story tell, act and write.

Last Updated: May 26, 2023

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