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Robbie Craig

North Slave
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(867) 445-5600
39 England Crescent
39 England Crescent
Yellowknife, NT X1A 3B8

Artist Story

In many ways, my journey to becoming a painter has been an unexpected destiny.

I developed an appreciation for art at a young age. My mother, a watercolour artist, was also an avid art collector. I recall spending hours admiring the different and contrasting pieces that adorned the walls of my childhood home. I soon realized that I too, enjoyed the feeling of creating something from nothing. Time seemed to melt away as I sketched my favourite comic book superheroes and created my own characters. 

After completing university in 2006, I moved to the NWT to begin my teaching career. I instantly felt connected to the rugged natural beauty of the landscape.  In every sense of the word, I finally felt that I was ‘home’.  I was instantly inspired to create.

You could say that I see the world through a different lens. Not only am I colour-blind, but my artwork also reflects a surreal and somewhat abstract appearance.  My style might be described as a mixture of impressionism and abstraction, with an element of graphic illustration. Lately, I’ve been referring to my style as “graphic impressionism”. Bold lines and vibrant colour choices seem to be important to me.  

As I continue on my journey, I hope to work in collaboration with other artists and continue to evolve and explore my style.  If I’m lucky, others will enjoy my creations. One of the most magical experiences is the moment when another person connects to my work. 

Artist Bio: 

Robbie Craig is an emerging artist working out of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Originally from Barrie, Ontario, Robbie has made his home in the North for the last four years. His first year he lived in Wekweeti, where he began to sketch landscapes and Northern animals. He has since moved to Behchoko working at Chief Jimmy Bruneau School as a Physical Education teacher. Inspired by the beauty of the North, Robbie expresses his admiration for his new home in his artwork through landscapes and northern animals. Robbie's style would be impressionistic with an abstract twist, using acrylics as a medium.

Last Updated: June 9, 2018

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