Pok Ki Ng

North Slave
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Artist Story

I arrived in Canada from Hong Kong in 2018. I had done some research online to find the most special attraction in this huge country, and I found that we could see aurora borealis from Yellowknife or Whitehorse. I came to Yellowknife because I had more chances to see them here.

While I was doing my research, I also saw that a company in Yellowknife was hiring a tour guide. I thought that it would be a great way to see the northern lights while making a living. When I was working as a tour guide, I met my husband, who was the bus driver. Our story is that we both fell in love under the aurora! He’s also a truck driver instructor so I was able to visit many communities in the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut with him ever since.

I love to draw and paint. I kind of create my own pictures. I draw or paint sceneries and landscapes based on observations from my travels. I will then add animals, like ravens or bison, and other elements from the North. I paint with acrylic, watercolours, and sometimes I create mixed media pieces.

I was an art teacher in Hong Kong. I studied at the Hong Kong University of Education. After completing my degree, I attended secondary school to become an art and music teacher. I learned these skills at a young age. My parents are so nice, they would encourage me to draw all the time as a child! Over the years, I was really influenced by Japanese animation. Later on, I would always try to incorporate a touch of influence from pop art, with brighter colours and interesting characters.

In Chinese culture, we have different animals that represent each year. I was born in the year of the horse and my husband in the year of the tiger, so I created our own characters based on that. Eventually I’d like to write a book about us, and especially about my husband’s life. For a long time, he suffered with nerve pain, but when he moved from Montreal to Yellowknife, his symptoms started to improve. I would love to draw a story about a white tiger who came to the North and overcame his disease. My husband is amazing, and always wants to help people, so I’d like to be able to celebrate who he is with my artwork!

Being creative, whether I’m drawing or playing piano, makes me feel peaceful and happy. What I like the most about creating art is that I can do my own thing. I really like to draw things that I love — for example the sundogs in Yellowknife in the winter — but I also want to be able to use my imagination to combine other interesting elements in my work. I can try different things with my art, there is freedom in my practice. It’s a good way to express myself.

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Pok Ki Katy is from Hong Kong and now lives in Yellowknife. Her artwork is all about the communities of the Northwest Territories, the town of Yellowknife, and the life she experiences alongside her husband. Besides painting and drawing, Pok Ki Katy also plays piano and other instruments. She has showcased her artwork at the library in Hay River, Yellowknife and now at NACC in Yellowknife. When people look at her paintings, she wants them to first see the whole image and then, like a treasure hunt, continue to find little details that they hadn’t noticed before.

Last Updated: January 8, 2024

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