Nick MacIntosh

North Slave
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182 Demelt Crescent
Yellowknife, NT X1A 3Y9

Artist Story

When I was a teenage boy I was very inspired by comics. I started painting in my second year at the Alberta College for Art and Design and I developed an affinity for it. Painting offers this immediate and impactful result.

My family made Yellowknife our home when I was still quite young. Life here is very different, but we still have the same experiences as the rest of North America. I wanted to fuse the two in my art so that it is accessible to any viewer while still having a firm grip and appreciation for the northern culture.

I think as northern artists it is important to represent the North in the best way we can, but I try to do that in a modern and contemporary way. I use bold colours to bring people into my whimsical paintings and celebrate the North with me.

There is something very special about the temporary relationship that develops with commissioned pieces. The balance of creating their vision and making something that that I can get behind is interesting. I also love for people to just discover pieces I have created and fall in love with them. 

Last Updated: August 16, 2019

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