Monique Robert

North Slave
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With the unique perspective of both painter and sculptor, I often see potential art with materials that others might not even consider. Creating art from mixed media has developed me into something of a collector, designer and architect, as well as a sculptor and painter. It takes plenty of imagination and experience to transform an idea into substance – to make it come alive in a convincing way. For me, the process of combining materials into the reality of a sculptural piece is the most demanding and enjoyable aspect of what I do.

For years, I worked with an exhibit production company where large murals, faux painting and large sculptural pieces were some of the most common requests from museums, television and movie sets. I learned some very valuable lessons; one was to paint very quickly yet effectively, focusing more on the desired effect than the logistics of creating “a great work”. This has paid off for me tremendously as it frees me up to look at what I want to focus on in a painting (light and composition), without being too meticulous about “how” to paint it. So for me, painting on a relatively small canvas is a new experience that I’ve largely developed over the last 10 years. Of course, this is also where I learned to be brave when it comes to combining different materials while creating sculpture for a specific look or purpose.

Working in three dimensions has really enhanced my ability to create a painting with depth and breadth, while my painting experience provides realism and appeal to my sculptures.

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Monique’s uncanny sense of anatomy, light dynamics and subject composition defines her work. Her paintings emphasize strong technical skill while simultaneously displaying a freedom of movement. Featuring active and often complex scenes of the north, her technique maintains a consistent simplicity.

Monique is equally passionate and even more experienced with sculpture. Her extensive expertise as an exhibit production artist for museums, television and movie sets, gives her a unique perspective towards material applications and structural design. She often combines organic materials such as bone with pâpier-maché and other components to create incredibly detailed work. She describes her methods through her successful book “Pâpier-Maché Design” published in 2009 and sold on Amazon throughout North America and the UK.

Monique has shown her work largely in Ontario and Quebec before moving to Yellowknife in 2005. In the past few years, Agora Gallery in New York chose to represent her work, putting her on the international stage.

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Last Updated: May 25, 2023

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