Mary Okheena

Artist Bio: 

Mary Okheena is an Inuit artist from the small northern community of Ulukhaktok (Holman), on Victoria Island in the Northwest Territories. Mary grew up watching her father and aunt make prints for the Holman Print Co-op. Inspired by this process, Mary pursued art in the form of traditional printmaking, drawing and embroidery. Eventually, she was asked to become a member of the Holman Print Co-op herself. Since then, over 70 of her drawings have been made into prints, 36 of which she printed herself. She has also helped print over 30 works from other artists. Now living in Inuvik, Mary uses a particular stencil technique to achieve subtle and luminous gradations of colour in her depictions of animals and human figures. Aside from printmaking, she still practices embroidery and is well known for her beautiful and playful wall-hangings depicting northern activities, peoples and animals. She is often inspired by the facial expressions of children and embraces the challenge of interpreting these in her work. It is the freedom of expression that draws Mary to create.

Last Updated: January 9, 2017
Beaufort Delta
P.O. Box 3411
Ulukhaktok, NT X0E 0S0

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