Maidie-Anne Turner

Beaufort Delta

Artist Story

I was born in Ottawa, grew up in BC, moved to Yellowknife and then onto Inuvik where my family and I have lived since 1973. I am a self taught artist that enjoys working with a variety of mediums. I started with stained glass which led to designing my own patterns and then on to drawing and painting. I really can’t say that I have one favorite medium. I usually go with what ever inspires me at the time. I like to paint with various mediums, make jewellery, work with stone and most recently thanks to You Tube have started playing around with spray paint!

Once a year, I show my work at the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik.  In 2005, I received the The Peoples Choice Award and The Most Promising Artist Award at the festival. Since I am not a full time artist, nights and weekends are my time to play with my art. My sales are usually by word of mouth and commissions. A variety of my prints are also in the rooms at The Mackenzie Hotel.

Last Updated: May 18, 2023

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