Laska Nerysoo

Beaufort Delta

Artist Story

As a proud Gwich’in artist born and raised in Inuvik, NT. I am a mother of two strong boys who are connected to both their Gwich’in and Inuvialuit heritage.

My family is deeply rooted in the Gwich’in culture and traditions. I spent my life surrounded by women who nurtured my passion for the creative arts. I credit my grandmother, Lillian Wright, my mother, Trina Nerysoo, and my aunt Billie Lennie for the inspiration, and skillset they have shared over my lifespan. Baby bonnets, moss bags, dream catchers, and macramé pieces are what I create from a place inside that is therapeutic. It is where my culture and my future sit and meet. Makes my heart happy to be recognized as a budding artist/crafter.

My love and respect for the land is a reflection you might sometimes see in my creations. Other times you can see pieces of me. I like to deliver small messages in my work. Whether it be the love for my children, the way I feel that day, sometimes it the secret ingredient to a happy heart; letting the inner child get lost in creativity. I think the secret is just letting your inner child out to help with my work.

When I left the north to pursue my education in Kamloops, BC, with honours from Interior Academy, and a diploma in Esthetics, the calling of the North drew me back. I spend a lot of time catering to my family, and to perfect my new love for macramé, I continue to nourish my small business venture ‘Designs By Laska’.

Last Updated: May 30, 2022

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