Katherine Ades

Artist Bio: 

When I was a child I loved art and creating things with my hands. It started with drawing animals and knitting ‘scarves’ that were more like round placemats. In my teens, I gradually expanded into drawing Japanese manga/anime and sewing costumes for conventions. When I moved to the NWT in 2013, I joined a beading club that taught how to 2-needle bead on stroud and leather. Since then my crafting has grown to include porcupine quills, wire-wrapping, gemstones, and paracord survival bracelets as well as beaded earrings, hairclips, cardholders and moccasins. In the future I want to branch into leather working, birch bark, antlers, engraving and possibly painting.

My inspiration comes from nature, tutorials online, and ideas from family, friends and my very active imagination. I enjoy working with stroud, beads, paracord, and fur in my sewing as you can make almost anything with them. This is the main reason I create arts and crafts; the creativity aspect that means the sky and your imagination is the limit. I mostly sew and bead at home or at the Library’s Beading Club. Everything else I do at home. My artwork is unique in that, outside of traditional designs, I also like to try making modern designs with traditional methods and materials. In addition I try to make things that not only look great, but also have a purpose. I’m also always open to new ideas and trying out new materials and methods.

Last Updated: November 15, 2017

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