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Karin Lange

Inuvik Beaufort Delta
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Artist Story

I have been painting since I was a kid.  I knew I loved making art as soon as I started drawing flowers. My grandmother would always tell me how much she loved them, so I would draw them and add watercolors. I started using acrylic paint when I become an art teacher and eventually moved to oil paint too. When my kids got older, I started painting more and more.

I’ll spend hours looking at the exquisite details of what I want to paint. For that reason, painting can make me feel frustrated because I cannot recreate the magnificence of what I see before me. I can be very self-critical and often feel like I am falling short. Nevertheless, it’s amazing what you see when you paint, which is why I want to keep creating. There is so much to notice in the world, and so much beauty to witness!

I am mostly drawn to flowers and colours that glow. Inspiration can come from anywhere. If I see an image or scenery that appeals to me, I will get the urge – almost like an unquenchable need – to paint with that particular colour or to take the composition onto the canvas. It makes me feel like I am witnessing an infinitely small amount of divine glory and becomes a keepsake of the moment I experienced.

Each place I have lived has held its own beauty, and I love to use that as inspiration for my artwork. In Inuvik, the beauty is somewhat more concealed compared to a more temperate climate. There is a different brand of beauty anywhere you go, and you have to keep your eyes open to find it.

Artist Bio: 

Karin was born in Poland in 1940, which was then German territory called Posen. Her family came to Canada as refugees in 1951, living on an orchard as farm workers. She then relocated to Vancouver and enrolled in a teaching program at UBC. Karin then attended and taught Art at the University of Washington and obtained a Masters Degree. She moved to Inuvik in 2016. At 80 years old, Karin strives to be a model for anyone interested in her art. By doing what she loves, she hopes to encourage everyone to continue trying new things and to keep following their passions.

Last Updated: February 28, 2020

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