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Jonathan Gillingham

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Born and raised in Newfoundland, I have grown to enjoy the beauty of nature. My passion for nature has driven me to pursue an education in the Natural Resources Sector, specifically Wildlife Conservation. This pathway has led me to become employed in the Northwest Territories. Over my short period here, I have become attached to this land. The abundance of wildlife, water, and untouched wilderness is astronomical.

I had started photography as a hobby in the Summer of 2018. I enjoyed just getting out on the land and photographing my encounters with Wildlife. Since moving here, I have enjoyed taking pictures of the vast Landscapes, abundant wildlife, and elusive Northern Lights. I want to share my experiences with others through my photography, like capturing wildlife "up close and personal" in their natural habitats, catching the Northern Lights dancing across the sky throughout the night, and shooting the fascinating landscapes throughout the Territory.

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Norman Wells
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