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Jessica Hval

South Slave
Fort Smith
All Art Types: 
(867) 872-2568
Box 254
Box 254
Fort Smith, NT X0E 0P0

Artist Story

I start every new piece with a quiet escape from everyday life, a blank canvas of any kind, and an original idea that I want to bring to life. I like each of my pieces to be unique and speak for themselves, so what one person might take from a piece will be completely different than what another will experience. I love to let people find their own idea and meaning in everything I make, and I always try to do stuff that other people haven’t done.

When I was younger I had a really great art teacher that would always slip me extra supplies because of my interest, and now I create with almost anything I can get my hands on. I think it’s important for teachers to encourage students that have that kind of drive to create. I work with all kinds of various art forms now, from traditional beading to woodwork and painting. I can still remember when I was first being taught how to bead, I just loved it! Art is something that really makes me feel good.

I think it’s important for artistic and creative people to explore all different types of art as well, because many times people can be good at more than just one thing.  I feel quite fortunate as a Northern Artist too, because there’s a lot of support and help to promote ourselves up here. I feel that it’s kind of special to our region, and hope it continues in the future.

Last Updated: December 12, 2018

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