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For me, being a filmmaker is the opportunity to create a window into the subject’s world so the viewer has a snap shot into the narrative and can imagine they are right there. Whether I am creating music videos or producing a documentary, there is always a unique story to discover, and it is my job to share it.

I went to high school in Fort Smith, NT. After going to school out of the territory, I came to Yellowknife in 2008 for a job as the executive director of Western Arctic Moving Pictures (WAMP), a co-operative for filmmakers. As a filmmaker in the NWT, you really learn to do it all. This integrated approach gives me a strong sense of the final product as I helped it come to life right from the start.

WAMP has grown exponentially over the last several years. The organization orchestrates a weeklong International Film Festival, provides workshops, mentorship, provides equipment rental and produces a very popular 48-hour music video competition each year. WAMP fosters a collaborative mind frame for northern filmmakers. Certain necessities of living in the North have taught us all to become well-rounded filmmakers.





Last Updated: February 4, 2020

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