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North Slave
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The pursuit of art is essential to my life. Without even realizing it, everything in my life moves towards creating. Seeing, living and sharing art is huge and being so closely linked to family brings me everything I need to be supported in my work.

Yellowknife is my hometown and I feel committed to this land. The choice to make jewelry with raw northern materials started with the desire to bridge that gap between new and old traditions. Suddenly, everything creative burst wide open for me.

I work primarily in muskox horn from Sachs Harbor on Banks Island, creating long lasting, timeless pieces that are bold and modern. The coloration is phenomenal, and it is lightweight and strong. Even though it is quite the process to prepare and I am always seeking a more efficient way of working, I never miss a step. I want my finished product to shine like glass in order to give the material its due.

I cannot see how my infatuation with creating jewellery will ever end; it is limitless. My drive to continuously elevate my skill set keeps my work fresh. It makes the pieces sing out to people; you can see that connection when they are worn.

Artist Bio: 

Born and raised in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, Jamie Look is a 3rd generation northern Canadian woman who has been leading the forefront of beautiful craftsmanship and innovative jewellery design featuring NWT based natural materials for the past 10 years.

Her work is inspired by the spectacular environment of the Canadian North: The crisp winter air, endless starry winter nights, skies alive with Aurora Borealis, ice, landscapes untouched by man, indigenous ways of life and shapes that occur only in nature.

Primarily working with muskox and bison horns, she strives to create clean shapes that highlight the beautiful coloring of these stunning natural materials.  She showcases the natural formations that occur within the horns that evoke images of the environment in which she was raised.  The true beauty of these natural materials is that each piece created is absolutely unique.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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