Artist Bio: 

Hovak Johnston is an Inuk woman raised on the land in the Kitikmeot Region in Nunavut until she was sent away to school.  She uses her Inuinnaqtun name Hovak given to her at birth as a way to carry her traditions and honor her past relatives to whom she was named after. 

Hovak has a deep connection to her culture and traditional arts and skills that were passed down to her.   Hovak does some type of traditional artwork everyday; from sewing, soapstone carving, drawing, jewelry making, tanning hides, fleshing and preparing skins to her latest endeavors: traditional tattooing.

Hovak also a performing artist who is well respected for the pride she puts into her work, culture and traditions. She also teaches youth on how to make traditional items.

Hovak’s most recent passion is spear heading a revival of the traditional Inuit tattoo’s by learning the modern and ancient methods of tattooing.

Last Updated: March 28, 2021

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