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Genevieve Clarke

South Slave
(867) 875-8421
515 Birch Street
Enterprise, NT X0E 0R1

Artist Story

I love to be creative in many ways, but my favorite art forms are painting and drawing. I particularly love to paint with acrylic on denim. I usually paint on a circular shape, which reminds me of a dream catcher. I also love to incorporate small elements in my work such as birch bark, beadwork, driftwood, and even pennies. I always thought I was a terrible artist until I took a course about painting on fabric in Enterprise in 2004, which opened me up to a different medium. At the time, I was temporarily off work and I was raising six kids, so I used painting as a way to release stress.

I also really enjoy making jewelry. I started doing beadwork with semi-precious stones, with different types of settings, like crochet wire. One day, I combined crochet techniques with stones and beading and was quite pleased with the results. I can do rings, cuffs, necklaces and earrings. I’ve been making jewelry for about five years, but I would still say that I was always a painter first.

Sometimes I find it’s a challenge to know what to paint. I’ve done some more emotional work for art shows addressing violence against women. Other times, my art will highlight natural beauty, like a sunset I’ve witnessed. I also work with kids and they never fail to inspire me.  I love painting because it takes the ideas I have in my head and displays them for others to see; I share in that way. Sometimes, I will have an idea in my head for a day, sometimes even a month, before I’m ready to start painting. I tried painting on a schedule, but it just doesn’t work for me – I have to wait until inspiration strikes and then I get in the creative flow.

In the last five years, I’ve also started to include a hidden little bird in each image I create. My favorite part of making art is seeing the completed product. Sometimes, that can take a while because I’ll finish a painting, hang it on the wall, and think: “Something’s not quite right.” I once had a painting on my wall for a year before I knew what to do to complete it!

Artist Bio: 

Gennevive Clark was raised on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border in Lloydminster and moved to Manitoba where she met her husband. They came up to Enterprise one year for Christmas, and have been living there ever since. Gennevive loves to be creative through painting, drawing and jewelry making, especially when it is for her family. 

Last Updated: January 15, 2019

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