Erika Nyyssonen

North Slave

Artist Story

My involvement in writing for children began in 2009 when my interest in seeing more children focused performances at the Snowcastle lead me into writing a play about arctic hares. My cast were my friends and the North was my inspiration.  

After that first play, the desire to create more continued.  The next one was based on our family, and neighbourhood pets. Its a true story of the day our beloved pets went to the vet and perhaps their creative encounters they had with their friends. The story was called Gus and Pogo go to the Vet. The engagement and excitement of those early audiences and the fun of performing pushed me to the next level, one of developing the play concept into a children's book. Janet Pacey my illustrator, shares my love for animals, recognition of unique personalities and animal friendships therefore allow this partnership to recreate a endearing story of encouragement, fighting our fears, and friendship.  

My love for animals, their interactions and their lives will always remain. I am constantly intrigued by them, and continue to challenge myself to find their voice and tell their stories. I have written a few more plays, and perhaps there will be another book one day.   

Last Updated: February 4, 2020

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