Dennis Hudson

South Slave
Fort Smith
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Artist Story

As a child I realized my incredible imagination. I was born in Fort Smith in 1959. My parents are Tom Hudson and Florence Brown, Métis People. My Father was a hunter and a mechanic. My Mother was hardworking. They taught me love and strength.

As a young student we had good art teachers and they encouraged me. When I was only six years old, Sonny MacDonald, a Master Carver, married my sister Helen. I became very interested in three-dimensional sculpture as Sonny taught me to use the tools and various materials like stone, wood, antler, ivory, and buffalo horn. I came to realize the materials held the form of your creation within it. I learned to reveal the vision hidden in the shapes and form of natural materials.

Over the years I developed a varied style of carving. I carve animals in stone and they can be smooth and abstract or they can be detailed and textured. As the subject changes the finish or final concept could differ greatly. I try to create each object in a new pose or using my knowledge of anatomy, movement can often be portrayed with a static piece. Sometimes the grain or matrix will work like magic to accentuate my design. It is exciting for me.

Last Updated: May 23, 2023

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