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North Slave
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Since a very early age I felt close to the artistic world and I knew I will pursue a creative career. Later, in high school, I decided to pursue architecture and since then, I developed my career over three decades and two continents.

More than 15 years ago, I started making jewelry for family and friends. Since then, I created and sold over 2,500 pieces of diverse contemporary jewelry around the globe. Studio Silver Bliss can be found in many boutiques, galleries and private collections across Canada and overseas.

I draw my inspiration from everything including contemporary architecture, landscape, textures, materials, symbols, shapes and colours. I like to take in what I see in order to offer a modern interpretation of my observations through my artwork.

I’m proud to say I have quite a big collection of beads and gemstones! When I get inspired, I go through my supplies and sketch an idea. From there, I digitally design using several software programs as well as by hand drawing. The process brings me freedom, joy and ease.

I usually have in mind a certain type of individual and think how the piece I design will complement that person by wearing it. This way of thinking is reminiscent of the way I approach architecture thinking of people who would live or use the building, not of myself, the architect. That way, I know that if someone purchases my jewelry, it’s because it speaks to them.

I love to create for confident women who want to make a remarkable impact, who want to feel bold. Every single piece of jewelry that I make is unique just as unique and different we all are.

Some people may think artists are driven by some sort of selfish motivation, creating things that would bring them pleasure, peace or joy. While it is truth in this, I think it is way more than that behind the scene. I believe that there is a pressing need for healing, for love, for understanding and for kindness in the today’s world. To be able to fulfill those needs, we must start from within. I know that art itself won’t heal the present society wounds, but I certainly hope it alleviates some of the pain. I hope that my art brings joy, pleasure and love to anyone wearing it or not.

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Delia grew up in Sibiu (Hermannstadt) Romania and felt close to the artistic world since a very early age. She hold a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning and her career spans over three decades and two continents.

Parallel with the professional world, Delia was always in a continuous quest exploring anything and everything that involves design. She has created and sold over 2,500 pieces of jewelry around the globe.

She draws her inspiration from all textures, colours and materials and loves to create daring, statement jewelry. Her contemporary style is made for the confident, unconventional woman who wants to be noticed by making a sensational impact in today’s society.

Last Updated: May 25, 2023

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