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Cynthia Pavlovich

Artist Bio: 

Born & raised in the Heart of the Yukon, I have been doing traditional crafts for most of my life. Currently a stay at home mom, this became a hobby that I started to share with friends and family. Beading has become a therapeutic outlet for me since becoming a mother and it connects me to my Gwich'in culture. I started out just making fancy clothes for my boys, including decorating leather vests, silk ties or suits. Today my focus is on custom work, grad stoles, slippers, jewelry, pins, and recently I started smaller pieces to share beading with anyone & everyone. I have a unique style and can custom bead logos, names, pictures, and design new & inspiring pieces. Recently my big project is beading the pages of a bi-lingual Gwich'in legend to share with the world & also preserve my language. 
Some of my favorite pieces are the orange items I make for the Residential school movement, 50% of each of my orange shirt pins & orange earrings go towards a charity which is TruthNorth Aid who gives back to inter generational survivors. 
Contact me for custom orders. 

Last Updated: August 10, 2021