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Catherine Cockney

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I love to bead! My mother taught me how to bead and sew at a young age. An enduring image I have is my mother beading, sitting at the kitchen table under a dim light.  Relaxing after working all day!

While learning how to sew, I only sewed for my family. The most significant skill she taught me was making caribou-leg mukluks.  She taught me how to apply solutions to soften and scrape the skins, make a pattern, cut out using the pattern and to sew together!

In my school years as my skills became better, I would sew with my mother to make items for sale.  I would help her by sewing on the appliqué on parkis and the trim around the bottom and cuffs.  With the left over furs, she taught me how to make fur cushions that my home economics teacher would sell for me, mainly to RCMP members and government workers.

I enjoy making pins, experimenting with different colors.  I am learning how to do embroidery and enjoy making kaukkak (embroidered mukluks).  I am planning on expanding on making parki covers and quilts.



Last Updated: November 2, 2016
Inuvik Beaufort Delta
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P.O. Box 2544
Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0
(867) 678-5478

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