Caroline Loreen

Beaufort Delta

Artist Story

I learned to sew from my aunties and in school as I was growing up. The first item I ever made was a pair of slippers. Now, I love to make mitts, slippers and little zipper pulls. I prefer working with fur and especially sealskin, but I sometimes work with moosehide as well. I use coloured or natural sealskin to make designs in whatever I am making. My creative process comes naturally and I love to see where it takes me.

Sewing keeps me busy and it quiets my mind. I love to see the outcome of a project I’ve been working on – putting the finishing touches on a piece is my favorite part. To see it complete is so rewarding, especially the last few stitches!

I am the most inspired when there is someone I am sewing for, whether it’s for a member of my family or for someone in the community.  I sew for adults most of the time, and sometimes, I will do projects for children. My daughter watches me sew now. It’s not time for her to start sewing yet, but I’m already looking forward to teaching her in a few years.

I love to sew. My nanak – my grandmother – loved it too. She started the Nautchiaq Fur Shop in Tuktoyaktuk and now my auntie runs it. I guess sewing is in my genes. It makes me feel connected to my culture in that way. All the projects that I make, such as the patterns being used, have been handed down from our Ancestors. I’m still using some patterns and designs that my nanak used.

Artist Bio: 

Caroline was born and raised in Tuktoyaktuk. For the past few years, she has been selling her artwork at the Nautchiaq Fur Shop in her community. In her spare time, Caroline loves to go out fishing, spending time on the land with her loved ones. When it’s cold out, she can be found indoors, sewing! 

Last Updated: July 31, 2020

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