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Artist Story

The global orchestra of sound happens all around us all the time – it is really about whether you hear this as noise or music. Growing up in the North I have a deep appreciation for my immediate surroundings; something I feel I share with most other northerners. My compositions allow me to take this to another level by using the inspiration of natural sounds that may otherwise go unnoticed.

A big part of the work that I do as a musician and composer is field recordings of sounds in nature. One of my favorite things to record is the ice. By dropping a hydrophone though an augured hole, I can capture the slightest crack or shift under the ice. I’ve developed the idea that ice is an instrument that exists in nature; it is just a different listening space. Back in my studio, I manipulate these sounds – by adding music, other recording, or different sequences – so they are heard in a new way.

I frequently collaborate with other northern musicians to write, record and perform original works of art. I love to share all types of music with anyone who wants to lend their ears and listen.

Artist Bio: 

Carmen Braden is an emerging force in the world of new music, hailing proudly from Yellowknife NWT. As a performer, Carmen is “growing into the role of acoustic ambassador of the Canadian Subarctic” (Musicworks). She has played intimate theatres and MainStage folk festivals. Her contemporary classical compositions are nationally recognized, with commissions and performances by world class ensembles and performers including the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, James Ehnes and the Canadian Chamber Choir. She released her second album Songs of the Invisible Summer Stars in 2019, her first album Ravens in 2017. She won the Western Canadian Music Award for Classical Composer of the Year, and has nominations for ECMA Classical Album of the Year (2020), WCMA Classical Artist of the Year (2019), and WCMA Classical Composition of the Year (2017). Carmen has been called “a talented, bold musician” (Up Here Magazine). About her latest album:“Braden’s music is clear, and it is bright...this recording is captured psychogeography.” (Whole Note); and her songwriting: is “quirky and clever...à la Joni Mitchell” (The WholeNote). As an educator, Carmen regularly gives workshops, individual instruction, guest lectures and collaboration facilitation ranging from elementary-level to university graduate level.

Last Updated: August 31, 2021

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