Brenden MacIntosh

North Slave
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5133 Forrest Drive
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2W5

Artist Story

I picked up my first instrument, a bass guitar, when I was 12. My dad said, “we’ll try a guitar because sports isn’t working out.” It stuck and since then I have been playing. Then in high school I discovered acting, which was just another form of expressing myself on stage performing. By Grade 12, I ended up with the nickname the “Improv King”.

When I discovered punk rock, it was love. I started making songs that I wanted to hear, songs that made me feel really good and hopefully got other people to experience the same thing. There’s a lot of animosity and critics when it comes to being labeled as a punk, especially if you’re a musician, but it’s all wishy-washy high school objectification to me. If it sounds good and works with the song I’ll keep it, I don’t need the approval of any punk elitists.

I think art is an expression of life, and displaying perspectives that lie within it. When it comes to writing I aim for positive messages and put a light upon the injustices of our world. A lot of my inspiration comes from life experiences whether it’s a friend going down the wrong path, or society glorifying superficial ways of being. I don’t want to sing generic lyrics, I want to help people grow.

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I've been playin in bands since I was 15. What have been those bands? In order: DCMS, The Hinjes, Often Awful, Wired, S.I.W.S, Down with the Ship and Tony's Fresh Italian Pizza. The last 4 are still going at this moment. I've played Rock the Folks twice and won one of them leading to playing Folk on the Rocks. Played a bunch of bars here, some house parties and recently got 1st and 2nd place in the battle of the bands at our humble Visitor's Centre.

I play bass and guitar and love singing. Just got a diploma in Music and Recording Arts and also enjoy acting. 

Have been in quite a few high school plays at NACC, including lead roles in The Ugly Duckling (ironically I'm quite attractive), and Sugar. Acted in some videos on awareness of family violence and am in a play for Theater on the Lake.

I love the arts and enjoy entertaining people more than anything and am very glad that society makes it so easy and accessible for people like me to pursue careers in such fields. I also enjoy dabbling in sarcasm.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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