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Bambi Amos

Inuvik Beaufort Delta
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(867) 620-0452
108 Bompass Street
Box 2556
Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0

Artist Story

When I was 24 years old, I had two young boys both under the age of two and I was pregnant with my third child. I then moved back home to Sachs Harbour - after any many years away. I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t be where I am today as a traditional artist.

After I had my daughter, I started taking sewing classes at the Sachs Harbour Community Corporation. I would escape parenthood for an hour and half to get together with the ladies. They were so welcoming and taught me so much.

I am still learning with every project I do. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride. My favourite things to make are sealskin boxer mitts and I love embroidering. I get excited to see the outcomes, when cutting out stroud and drawing flowers for whatever embroidery project I do next.

What inspires me most is making something that encompasses warmth. What I make needs to be wearable – warmth is an important part of our culture. I think carrying on tradition so very important. 

Last Updated: January 30, 2020

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