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I make seal skins products, such as mitts, mukluks, vests, iPad cases, and ookpik. I prefer to work with natural colours when it comes to seal skin. I love harp and ringed seals, I think they are both beautiful. I sometimes use other furs for my projects, such as beaver, muskrat, fox, or wolf. I typically use cow, deer or moosehide for the palms and soles of the mitts and mukluks. I can also add embroidery to my work.  

I learned to make art by joining a sewing class that was sponsored by the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation division in Sachs Harbour in 2008. I feel lucky to have acquired patterns from sewing classes or from people that have taught me in the past years. That’s what I start all my projects with. Sometimes I will make alterations to the pattern or I will create my own if needed. For example, I created a specific design for the iPad cases that I have made.  

I usually work by myself, but I also really love to work alongside my mom. She helps me out a lot. Being Inuvialuk is definitely my biggest inspiration. I feel that strong connection to my culture when I’m sewing. This is definitely a passion of mine and I have the constant urge to create something. I love that it’s a really grounding practice that brings me back to my roots as an Inuvialuk woman.  
I think about my Grandmothers and how they used to make clothing for their families. I think that that knowledge and way of life are passed down. I now have children and my daughter is interested in sewing – she is twelve years old and has started beading. She’s also done some projects with fur and embroidery work. I love that what she learns from me is what I learned from the women that came before me. 

I definitely feel like I have expanded my sewing and beading skills throughout the years, but I also feel like there is always so much that I want to learn! In 2020, I’ve done the most sewing I’ve ever done. I’ve also become more interested in sharing and selling my work.  I have been so busy because of that. What I love the most about creating art now is sharing my products with people who appreciate it. It makes me feel accomplished and lucky to be able to carry this knowledge. 

Artist Bio: 

Bambi lives in Inuvik. Driven by her passion and grounded by her roots, Bambi plans to continue gaining experience and knowledge by continuing to make artwork for all to enjoy. Bambi is passionate about passing on traditions and shares that by teaching others with workshops and sewing circles. Bambi started selling her creations in 2012. Her artwork can be found on the Proudly Indigenous Crafts and Designs’ website as well as on Bambi’s Instagram and Facebook pages @BambisTraditional Arts. 

Last Updated: June 27, 2024

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