Ashley Snelgrove

South Slave
Hay River
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My name is Ashley Snelgrove. I was born and raised here in Hay River, NT. I am Metis and a member of the K'atlodeeche First Nation. I am a mother of 3 beautiful chidren and an amazing husband who are my biggest supporters. I work fulltime and on my spare time I love to create magik. I do beadwork, from moccasins, hats, earrings, painting, woodwork, poetry, dreamcatchers, my creations are limitless. Being a mother has really opened up my creative eye, always trying to create new things.

My very talented mother, as you may all know, Elsie Canadien has been a huge part of my journey as an artist as well. I grew up watching her create such beautiful art, she is my inspiration. Everything i create is different and unique. 

I chose the name Mama Makin Magik because I am a mother who loves to create beautiful artwork. Magik is not only the energy within us but also when you do something like art, literature or cooking, anything that can be created and you put your love and positive energy into it, it then becomes magikal. 

Eveyone needs a little magik in their life <3 

Mama Makin Magik

Last Updated: May 24, 2023

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