Ann Timmins

North Slave
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I see myself as a child swimming underwater exploring, amazed and absorbed by this visual, tactile and fluid experience. As an artist I connect these natural elements in my paintings, it is the fluid quality of the water, ink, paint, silk threads, transparency and light that reveal this essence of life in my art. I challenge myself with each artistic work to create a distinct and unique piece. Each piece begins as a tiny seed, an intense feeling. This "seed" works through my emotional connections beginning with the solitude of the sunrise, the wilderness panorama and the natural colours which evoke my paintings.

My paintings are inspired by northern people, culture, and history. My colour palette is strongly affected by snow, ice, water, sky, flora and fauna. My compositions are influenced by natural phenomena, panoramic views, trees on rock outcrops, and sculptural landforms. I have chosen organic, tactile, and healthy media. Natural silk in particular captures the harmony of northern light and atmosphere. I appreciate that silk absorbs colour, and reflects a female perspective in our northern environment. My art is intrinsic, my inner child and my life journey. I have studied and worked in various media, which in turn has enhanced my insight and understanding of a broad range of fine art.

In the arctic, the water transforms into snow and ice, which in turn transforms everything into abstract and fluid shapes. As a river meanders, it carves a ribbon across the landscape, as a glacier moves it carves and shapes valleys and mountains, and as the ocean pummels the shoreline the rock faces are hollowed and etched. My pen follows the virtual journey to experience the landforms, the paths and rivers.

I’ve done many paintings and series on silk and I also focus on stationary figures by building with acrylics and oils on canvas. I don’t think it is so much about the medium, but how I am learning and changing as an artist. Colours nurture and stimulate my creative energy, chameleon lizards change colours to blend into the environment, I adapt my palette to enjoy the endless inspiration that colour energy brings out in my paintings.

After years of formal learning, mentoring and personal reflection and practice, I have created my own style and process. As a child, I lived in many countries, appreciating historic and current art. As a teen in B.C., I was raised by my artist/mother who nurtured and mentored my art from an early age. My background prepared me to appreciate northern art, I have lived in the NWT for eighteen years and have participated in many cultural events, and this cultural exchange has enhanced my appreciation and respect for NWT Arts. As a cultural ambassador, I have a strong empathy with northern artists and their artistic potential. I believe artists need to work as a team, maintaining their uniqueness while creating a cultural liaison to support each other. As I mature, I recognize the opportunity to share our talents and promote our northern heritage.

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Ann's first exhibit was a mother and daughter show at the family farm in British Columbia. From there, she attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the Ontario College of Art. Ann works primarily with dyes on silk, and has designed wool carpets, woven tapestries, and illustrated a children's book.

To name a few accomplishements, Ann was awarded the 2001 Northwestel Phonebook cover, installed the "Circumpolar Aurora" series on glass panels in the Weledeh Catholic School in Yellowknife, and was interviewed by National Geographic.

"I enjoy the discovery of opening a fresh idea" she says, and "the total sense of being as the idea becomes an art experience."

We regret to advise readers that Ann has passed away. Her profile remains in her memory.

Last Updated: November 21, 2022

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