Alexandra Hood

North Slave
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Alex Hood is a northern artist who focuses on non-traditional media to create detailed works inspired by the natural environment. Her enthusiasm for animals started with catching frogs and turtles in the Ottawa River and grew into a career path based on ecology and protecting the natural environment.  After graduation, a job offer brought her to the NWT where she quickly fell in love with the people and the landscape. Her work has taken her to the mining sector, so, to fulfill her need to create, she has sought out hobbies to fulfill a need for artistic endeavors and stumbled upon needle felting and punching. With this style, instead of using paint and a brush, she uses wool and a felting needle to create the effects of layering color, creating texture and depth. To create colours that reflect nature, she dyes wool with local plants to use in her art.

Last Updated: May 24, 2023

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