Selling Your Artwork Workshop Series

This workshop series is designed to help you – the northern artist – learn about options for selling your work. This includes things like pricing your art, creating an artist portfolio, marketing your artwork, and most importantly, the different ways to sell. Feel free to pause each video to complete an assignment or take notes for later. By the end of the series, you will have some effective tools to help you achieve your goals! 

As you watch the videos, have your Guide to Selling your Artwork booklet in front of you to follow along. The booklet is a summary of the information presented in the workshops and should be used as a workbook as you watch the videos. We will also be using three different pricing templates - one for craft, carving and painting. Download the ones that are right for you and get ready to use them in Workshop #3.

If you are having trouble watching these videos online and would rather have a USB stick mailed to you so you can watch them on your computer without streaming them, please contact us at If you prefer to have a printed version of the Guide to Selling your Artwork booklet, we can send you a copy in the mail as well! 

We have also created a Selling Your Artwork Resources page, which will be updated regularly. This includes links to tutorials for setting-up your social media pages, starting a business in the Northwest Territories, and more.

Lastly, if you are interested in attending a workshop in-person, contact your regional ITI representative and ask when their next upcoming workshop is.


Let’s start working through the materials and get you on the way to selling your art!

Workshop 1: Introduction to Selling Your Artwork

Workshop 2: The Artist Portfolio

Workshop 3: Pricing your Artwork

Workshop 4: Selling Direct-to-Consumers: In-Person Sales

Workshop 5: Selling Direct-to-Consumers: Social Media Selling

Workshop 6: Selling Direct-to-Consumers: E-Commerce Websites

Workshop 7: Marketing your Artwork

Workshop 8: Selling Through Retailers and Galleries