Moose Hair

Established June 15, 2022, Mackenzie Cabins Gift Shop is a registered retailer for NWT Arts and is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the traditional economy by:

  • buying and selling traditional crafts made by NWT artists;
  • buying and selling traditionally tanned hides
  • ...

I opened business in 2021, and have been successful in selling my crafts. I have been quite busy within the last 2 years, producing crafts and using my creativity to sew in style crafts. 


Specializing in high quality, hand made Dene arts and fine crafts.  We have one of the finest selections in the North.  Moose hide footwear, gloves and bags, moose and caribou hair tuftings, birch bark baskets. original paintings, carvings and more.  The Aboriginal people of the North have...