Art Retailers/Galleries

We are a 6 room motel that features artwork of local artists for sale.

Our 6-room motel features artwork by local artists for sale.

Specializing in high quality, hand made Dene arts and fine crafts.  We have one of the finest selections in the North.  Moose hide footwear, gloves and bags, moose and caribou hair tuftings, birch bark baskets. original paintings, carvings and more.  The Aboriginal people of the North have...

Established in 1979, we have actively promoted sales of books relating to Northern and Aboriginal studies. From Day 1, it was our hope that eventually that "Northern" material would be written by Northerners. Today a good number of the books we sell are written by, or in collaboration with,...

We are a distributor of fur from the Fur and Hide Program of the Department of ITI, GNWT. This includes furs such as: beaver, seal, cross fox and white fox.