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The Hay River Museum Society

Hay River
South Slave
PO Box 4594, Hay River, NT
Hay River, NT X0E 1G3


Last Updated: July 13, 2020

The Hay River Museum Society (HRMS) is a place for people to gather to experience the rich history and culture of the community and the region surrounding us. The Heritage Centre (Museum) is located in the historic 'Old Town', by the flowing waters of the Hay River near to where it empties into Great Slave Lake.  The Heritage Centre building is the former Hudson's Bay Company store, located on land now owned by the Museum Society and was officially opened July 1, 2000. Our large collection of artifacts is housed on the property, and all our events and activities take place here. All of the upgrades, collections, events, and activities accomplished to date have been achieved by the dedication of volunteers.
In 2015/16 we were able to hire a Manager for the Heritage Centre, thanks to funding provided by ITI. What a difference it has made! With a dedicated Manager plus the Board and a host of volunteers, this has been a banner year for us, with unsurpassed numbers of visitors, including tourists and local people. Our activities, events and celebrations have engaged the community at all levels, including students and classes from the schools. Children, youth, elders, artists, musicians, historians, scientists, Aboriginal and other cultural groups and organizations have been welcomed and taken part. As well, we have made improvements to the outdoor artifacts and the landscaping, making it a groomed, interesting and inviting place for people and families to gather. We have dedicated a small area of the Centre for local artists to showcase and sell their work.