Deninu K'ue Development Corporation Ltd.

Type of Organization: 
Fort Resolution
South Slave
#1403 Oldest Road
Box 257
Fort Resolution, NT X0E 0M0


Last Updated: November 4, 2015

The Deninu K'ue First Nation owns the Deninu K'ue Development Corporation Ltd. and the DKFN usually has a moosehide tanning program on an annual basis, and these hides would be available for sale to crafts persons.

Generally the DKDC provides a showcase in its convenience store where local artists can sell their items on consignment, which at times consists of beaded gloves, fur mitts, antler key chains, beaded vests, and carvings in stone. Most of the crafts are more readily available during the winter (trapping) season, and especially before Christmas is a good time for local artists to sell their items, which are great gifts. The store telephone number is 867-394-5413.


There are no artists associated with this organization.