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SideDoor Resource Centre for Youth: New "Tuned-In" Musical Program: Request for Volunteers

Sidedoor Resource Centre for Youth New "Tuned-In" Musical Program: Request for Volunteers

The SideDoor Resource Centre for Youth has started a new music program for youth called "Tuned-In". Tuned-In will be a musical program whereby youth will come to the Resource Centre one night a week to practice a musical instrument for up to 6 weeks. The SideDoor will be purchasing a variety of instruments including guitars, pianos, ukuleles, flutes, drums, etc. The groups are meant to be fairly smaller as the space and amount of instruments will be limited. They hope to appeal to youth who have an interest in trying out an instrument, but may not have the means to rent or purchase lessons. This program will come at no cost to the youth participants.

The SideDoor Resource Centre is currently in search of volunteers who have an interest/passion/experience in music who would like to share their skills and facilitate sessions for the youth. They do not need to have a background in teaching, but would rather enjoy providing basic lessons to a few youth at a time.

If you are interested in volunteering as a part of the Tuned-In project contact:
Corey O'Farrell

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