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Searching for Tookoolito: Donations for a true northern story yet to be told!

Coming off the heels of the successful Northern Play Reading Series produced by Akpik Theatre last February in Yellowknife, NT, Reneltta Arluk begins a great adventure to rediscover one of the lost icons of north. Born in the Northwest Territories in 1838, Inuk woman, Tookoolito was a guide for southern maritime explorers, traders and whalers throughout the Canadian Arctic. In her lifetime, Tookoolito traveled further than many other Inuit. She was part of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, owned a house in Connecticut and in her teens met the Queen Victoria. In 1871, she was a significant part of the famous and ill-fated Polaris Expedition with Charles Francis Hall of which she is mainly known. Tookoolito and her husband saved the crew from starvation by utilizing their Inuit survival skills hunting seal, walrus and polar bear while floating on an iceberg for six months. 

Inuk playwright, Reneltta Arluk has an opportunity to channel one of Tookoolito’s adventures by embarking on a tall ship expedition to the Arctic Circle. The purpose is to integrate visceral research with physical experience, and to complete her story from this perspective. With your support, a virtually unknown, national icon of our rich North American history can finally be recognized, and from the perspective of a modern Inuk woman writing about a traditional Inuk woman that connectedness creates legacy.

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