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League of Canadian Poets Canada Poetry Tours funding program: Funding available for Hosts/and or Poets

League of Canadian Poets Canada Poetry Tours funding program: Funding available for Hosts and Poets

Applications for this funding program are currently open, and they are trying to reach out to areas of Canada that have not historically been represented quite as well in their programs—so  they are hoping to spread the word about this program to writers, poets, and event organizers that could potentially benefit. Deadline is July 31, 2016.

The Canada Poetry Tours program provides a reading fee and travel reimbursement for readings by full League members taking place anywhere in Canada.  Currently accepting applications for readings taking place after October 1, 2016, this is a great opportunity to bring poets in from all across Canada.  All information about the program can be found on their website:  Below is a quick summary of how poets and hosts can benefit from the program.


-             To receive funding from this program, poets must be full members of the League.

-            Please note: new members of the League immediately receive one guaranteed half-reading through this program. This half-reading can be used at any time, and the application does not need to be submitted during the open application period. So, if you’re a poet thinking of becoming a member of the League in order to make use of this program, you definitely can!

-             Poets do not apply to receive funding for their own reading—hosts and event organizers must submit the application.

-             Poets with confirmed readings will receive confirmation paperwork by post. This will include an official League invoice, to be completed by the poet and returned to the League after the reading, as well as a writers’ report for the Canada Council—also to be completed and returned after the reading.

-             Poets who receive funding through this program can also receive some travel reimbursement. These costs are submitted on the poet’s invoice after the reading.


-             This program helps to supplement the reading fee for full members of the League reading at your event.

-             All application materials must be submitted by you, the host, but we ask that you please confirm with the requested poet before submitting the application. It is also a great idea to use our member directory to double-check that the poet is a full member of the League at the time of your application.

-             Reading fees and travel reimbursement are paid directly to the poet.

-             Hosts whose applications are approved receive confirmation paperwork by post. This will include a host report for the event, which must be completed and returned to the League after the reading.

There may be special travel funding available for small, remote, and Northern communities: a host organization may request up to double the travel maximums when it organizes a minimum of three (3) full readings or six (6) joint readings for the same writer. For writers who travel to and from official language minority communities, a host organization may request an additional twenty (20) percent of the total cost of a reading to help offset additional travel costs or supplement honoraria. These special travel funding options can be discussed with Arzu Abbasova, the League Administrative Director, over the phone or via email:


If any questions please contact Nicole Brewer Email:

Nicole Brewer

Administrative and Communications Coordinator

The League of Canadian Poets


192 Spadina Ave, Suite 312

Toronto, ON

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