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Inuvialuit Regional Corporation: Tuk Siglit Drummers and Dancers

IRC is pleased that the Tuktoyaktuk Siglit Drummers and Dancers will be

performing at the Pan-Am Games (Toronto) and Great Northern Arts Festival (Inuvik).

While in Toronto, the Tuktoyaktuk Siglit Drummers and Dancers will perform as part of the Opening Ceremonies for the Aboriginal Pavilion (located at the Fort York National Historic Site’s Garrison Common) on July 16 at 7:00 pm and at the Ontario Celebration Zone at the Harbourfront Centre on July 18 at 3:00 pm.

Once back in Inuvik, the Tuktoyaktuk Siglit Drummers and Dancers will participate in the Great Northern Arts Festival (GNAF). Catch their first performance on July 21 at 8:30 pm! GNAF will take place July 17 to 26 with an exciting program of northern artists, workshops and performances.

In 2014, the Tuktoyaktuk Siglit Drummers and Dancers performed at the Inuit Circumpolar Council General Assembly as well as GNAF. From early times, the Inuvialuit have used songs and chants to recount legends, stories, and traditions. Accompanied by the rhythmic beat of drums, dancers re-enacted the great feats and accomplishments of kinsmen. Today drum dancing is thriving in the region!

This dynamic young group of Inuvialuit drummers and dancers are keen to represent the NWT at the Pan-Am Games and perform in the region at GNAF: Larsen Nasogaluak (17), Henson Nasogaluak (15), Colton Gordon- Ruben (21), Joe David Nasogaluak (13), Dee Dee Nasogaluak (9), Tianna Elias (19), Karlene Green (19), Brayden Gruben (15), Nathan Kuptana (15), Cole Felix (17), Diane Nasogaluak and Terri Lee Kuptana! They make excellent ambassadors! Funding was made possible by GNWT (ECE) with logistical support by IRC.

“IRC is pleased that the Tuktoyaktuk Siglit Drummers and Dancers will have this great opportunity to showcase their drum dancing. Their ancestors would be so proud to see this young group sharing their traditions and culture at events like the Pan-Am Games and GNAF!” said Nellie Cournoyea, Chair and CEO, IRC.

IRC has given significant support to GNAF since its inception. In 2015, more than $75,000 in value will be provided by IRC and its subsidiaries, namely, Canadian North Airlines and Aklak

For further information, contact:

Peggy Jay

Director/Beneficiary and Community Relations, IRC

Tel: 867.777.7000