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Fort Providence to celebrate new arbour opening

A special celebration will take place in the N.W.T.'s South Slave region today to mark the opening of a new cultural gathering place.

It's the official opening of the community's new arbour — an outdoor, circular arena that seats up to 600 people for cultural activities and other events.

"They took the old one down a number of years ago and we kind of miss a gathering place, so this new arbour is really significant," said Joachim Bonnetrouge, chief of the Deh Gáh Got'ie First Nation, and just one of many dignitaries expected at today's event.

The arbour was funded entirely with federal gas tax money. That fund feeds $15 million each year into infrastructure projects in the N.W.T.

The new arbour is expected to allow the community to hold more, and larger, events.

"Everybody likes to come to Providence," says Bonnetrouge. "Friendly people, the big river flowing by, and we should be able to hold bigger functions."

Event to take place on August 17th, 2016th at 3pm.