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Dead North Film Festival: Call for Applicants


The world's only circumpolar genre film festival

DEAD NORTH is a short genre film-making festival that is open to all the good people freezing their faces off North of 60. Over the course of two months, filmmakers from the circumpolar world produce original films in some of the world's coldest climates.

These films have gone on to screen at major festivals around the world, including Fantasia, NYC Horror Film Festival and Clarmont-Ferrand Film Festival

Welcome to the world of arctic horror, sci-fi and fantasy.

ELIGIBILITY: ­ Open to anyone who resides anywhere in the world that is north of the 60th Parallel. ­ You do not have to be a professional filmmaker by any means. ­ No one is supposed to be paid to work on the films. This encourages collaboration based on merit, talent and perseverance and discourages some rich person just going out and hiring a film crew to make them a movie. You get the idea here; you can certainly pay for talent, it’s just not cool to pay someone else to make a film for you cuz you got fat stacks (which I’m sure applies to none of us!) ­ Films that promote a business/product in any way are not eligible.

Read the guidelines to register here

Deadline to register for the Dead North Film Festival is January 10th, 2016
Registration fee is $100 


Check out the Dead North website

For more information, contact: ​​