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Call For Expressions of Interest

Are you an artist or media producer committed to supporting youth through arts-based education? We are seeking expressive artists of all disciplines to join a NWT-wide creative programming tour using expressive arts to discuss health and wellness, including substances (alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, opioids) and finding strategies, through the arts and community connectedness, to cope and build resiliency.

The Project

The Dope Experience is an arts-based program that takes a harm reduction approach to substance education. Using the arts and a focus on community and personal health, facilitators will host week-long workshops with community members (typically, but not exclusively, youth) to open up a dialogue about substance use and addiction, and to create a piece of performance art to be shared with their community. We hope to position youth as the conversation leaders in their community, allowing them to give real meaningful input on the issues of substance use and mental health.

The People

We are looking for facilitators who have enthusiasm and passion for working and connecting with youth. Our facilitators will work closely with different communities, and should be eager for the opportunity to do so. There will be challenging conversations – our facilitators don’t need to have all the answers, but they must be willing to discuss difficult topics with honesty, compassion, and respect.

We are open to artists (of all media, regardless of whether you have been traditionally, formally, or informally trained). We prioritize working with Indigenous artists, especially those from the communities we’ll be visiting. We are seeking facilitators with experience in digital storytelling, video production, visual arts, and other expressive artistic modalities. The Team will include the following roles:

  • Production Facilitator
    Responsible for guiding the overall creative process throughout the week. Works directly with other facilitators and community participants to ensure goals and outcomes of final presentation and discussion are achieved. Directs creative elements and facilitates shadow performance creation and machine game development.
  • Digital Storytelling Facilitator
    Oversees story gathering and oral history workshops for youth and elders. Works with participants to record digital stories. Organizes and guides the interview process. Responsible for delivering edited sound pieces for the performance and later for the website and/or podcast. In addition, they will build show files for community presentation and slide shows if required. This facilitator must have experience in media production.
  • Visual Arts Facilitator
    Works with community participants to build the design elements of the show and conduct visual art and design-based workshops. The visual elements for the community presentation will include “Tiny Town” set components and shadow theatre props. Responsible for the set up of the bush tent’s visual elements for the facilitated interviews.
  • Expressive Arts Facilitator
    Based on their own expertise in drama, music, dance, comedy, or other performance arts, the EAF will deliver discipline-specific workshops adding to the development of the community presentation. The goal of this role is to foster dialogue and discussion, and exploration of different expressive modalities.

    The Commitment

The Dope Experience will be visiting every NWT community through the 2019/2020 school year. Candidates should be prepared for ample and lengthy travel and long, rewarding work hours, and working closely with a team. The contract will begin on October 14, 2019 and end on May 31, 2020.

All facilitators must attend training in Yellowknife that begins on October 14 and concludes on October 25. Community visits (for all teams) will begin shortly after the training concludes, and will continue throughout the school year. All facilitators will have to provide a completed vulnerable sector check.

The Compensation

This contract is expected to have a duration of 8.5 months, at approximately half time (generally 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off). The compensation for completing the full contract will be $30 000, paid out with regard to the travel schedule.

The Application

If you’re interested in applying for one of these positions, please apply to by 5pm on Monday September 2, 2019. Please include the following information:

  • Who you are, where you’re from, personal passions, and things we should know about you;
  • Your application can be a letter, an email, a video, a resume, a podcast – whatever expresses you best!
  • The role or roles you’re most interested in;
  • Any relevant training or experience you have (feel free to include images or video of your work);
  • The reason you want to be a part of The Dope Experience; and

Your contact information.

Your application can be a letter, an email, a video, a resume, a podcast – whatever expresses you best!