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Call for art - SOCIAL FABRIC 2019!

YK ARCC is staging their SOCIAL FABRIC exhibition yet again! The show will take place mid to late September, at the former BMO space in the mall. Last year's exhibition featured over 30 artists! Help us make this year's even better! 


We are looking for art, in any media, that uses fabric/fibre -or- 'social fabric' as a theme. 

- drawings/paintings/collage, felting, beading, crochet, quilting, fashion, weaving, tufting. knitting, etc.
- also, photographs would be appreciated this year - either printed on fabric or containing fabric in the subject matter, or....
- any weavers or embroiderers out there? 
- are any of you wanting to attempt a large hanging piece we could suspend from the ceiling? ie a BIG crocheted message on some fencing/chicken wire... 
- think traditional if that's your thing - but think outside the box too. Anyone wanna make a sculpture from unravelled sweaters, for example? c'mon! :)


PLEASE SUBMIT A PIC OF YOUR ART AND A BRIEF DESCRIPTION TO BY SEPTEMBER 1 to be considered. We are excited and can't wait to see your beautiful creations.