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Bringing Canadian Arts to Germany

The Canada Council for the Arts is bringing Canadian arts to Germany in 2020 with three one-time initiatives.

In the year leading up to the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair—where Canada will be the Guest of Honour—the German arts and cultural scenes will showcase Canadian creativity.

The Canada Council for the Arts is proud to contribute to Canada’s participation as Guest of Honour country (GoH) at the Frankfurt Book Fair, in collaboration with federal partners at Global Affairs Canada and Canadian Heritage.

This is a unique opportunity to share the diversity of Canada’s artistic, literary and cultural expression with Germany.


Canada as Guest of Honour: Special Initiative for Canadian Artists

The Canada Council has created an initiative to support Canadian artists, groups and organizations with artistic engagements in Germany from October 16, 2019, to October 18, 2020.


Canada as Guest of Honour: Special Initiative for German Cultural Organizations

The Canada Council has set up an initiative to support non-commercial German organizations to present Canadian arts and culture in Germany during this Guest of Honour year.


Incentive for Purchasing Translation Rights and for Publishing in German

The Canada Council has partnered with the Department of Canadian Heritage to offer a funding initiative for the translation of Canadian literary and non-literary works into German.


More information can be found on their website: